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Tehuacan Mexican dress 03
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Black poplin dress hand embroidered with multicoloured cotton threads in the municipality of San Gabriel Chilac, Puebla, Mexico. Every dress is unique and embroidered by the hands of different women, that's why the colours of the threats and embroidery might slightly vary.

San Gabriel Chilac is located in the southeastern part of the state of Puebla in Mexico, which has a population of approximately 12,900 inhabitants. It is a town where textile crafts proliferate where most of the population is dedicated to clothing. It is a tradition that is learned from childhood.

The blouses and dresses in our inventory were particularly made by women who have been passed on this tradition for two generations. Tehuacan blouses and dresses acquire its name, because it is to Tehuacan in Puebla where the garments were taken to be marketed.

Material: 80% Polyester 20% Cotton| Color: Black with multicolour embroidery| Fit: Loose, model is size S

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