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TACO T-shirt for Woman/Men 09
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Black t-shirt with TACO logo inspired by AC/DC. Round neck. 100% cotton. Hand printed in Mexico. This t-shirt was inspired by the the British band AC/DC as a symbol of its internationalisation and cultural appropriation.

They have about two thousand years of history. The taco is a very popular culinary preparation from Mexico that consists of a tortilla, usually made of corn, that is folded to contain various ingredients and some type of sauce inside.

It is the most representative “antojito” of Mexican cuisine and can be found in any corner of Mexico and in Mexican restaurants all over the world.
Today tacos are spread worldwide as a type of fast food. However the first ones to become international were the American-influenced tacos that differ in ingredients and preparation from the Mexican ones and that were patented by the fast-food chain Taco Bell. These tacos are not Mexican, nor do they look or taste like authentic Mexican tacos.
Tacos can have different ingredients and there are different presentations. There are about 60 types of tacos in Mexico.
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